Additional Properties Exception

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Jul 9, 2008 at 9:05 PM
Love your tool, but I did something wrong and now I can no longer use it!  I tried to add an additional property called "Description" on the Advanced Settings tab and got the error: "A column named 'Description' already belongs to this DataTable".  It kicked me out of the app and when I re-opened, everything on all the tabs is grayed out.  The link Connection Exception Details displays the error above.  I am able to connect to the database when click the elipse and test the connection, just cannot edit any of the tabs!  What do I need to do to be able to use this tool again??  Thanks!
Jul 18, 2008 at 2:16 AM
Hi, thanks for the heads up. I'll get that fixed for the next update. but for now you can clear that key from the user config found in your user folder.

e.g. mine is here C:\Documents and Settings\Ken\Local Settings\Application Data\Jon_Galloway,_VelocIT\DataDictionaryCreator.exe_Url_iwlfrkevxzojbyoll1kgtaebyekmax4c\\user.config

You can edit the user.config file in notepad.  You'll see something like this in the folder.

<setting name="ADDITIONAL_PROPERTIES" serializeAs="String">

Just remove the "Description" element.

If you want you can also delete the [Jon_Galloway,_VelocIT] folder, that'll reset to default settings and scan the tables to find additional properties you previously entered.

Sorry for the trouble.