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Aug 22, 2007 at 10:04 PM
Edited Aug 22, 2007 at 10:15 PM
Hello, it's a nice app.

I have a few Qs/discussions:
1. Advanced Settings tab.
It looks as there should not be any spaces in the Document Additional Properties list, between the entries and commas (e.g., "Owner,CreateDate,ModifiedDate,From Table.Column, Conditions").
Otherwise in sysproperties table the value column has this space in front ot the name ( Conditions). Apparently, space in the middle of name does not hurt.

2. I used 2 additional names, (From Table.Column, Conditions). After running the DDC a few times and unsuccessful attempts to delete this " Conditions" entry from sysproperties, there are now 4 rows with "Conditions" or " Conditions" name and 6 rows with "From Table.Column" name.

3. Where is these additional data (values in these additional fields) stored? How to directly access or change them? They are not visible in the Design Table view.

4. Same Advance Settings tab.
Using together the Auto Fill Description Now and check box Overwrite... will case manual descriptions to be overwritten by primary or/and foreign key description. It would be nice to replace the check box "Overwrite..." with two radio buttons: "Append to existing description" and "Overwrite existing description". I would also replace the button "Auto Fill..." with the checkbox "Auto Fill Description"; thus, Continue button will take actions.

5. Export does not work nice with Excel 2000. Instead: export as HTML, then open this document in Excel, and save as .xls. Unfortunately, though, it will put tables and columns in one sheet.